Kamnath Group is one of the leading Roof Decking & Steel Decking Sheet Installation company in India, UK, UAE, South Africa, East Africa. Decking sheets, flat in nature, will complement flooring and roofing sheets in both internal and external building structures. These sheets are ideal for the roofing of buildings along with providing better load distribution. It is It designed to provide a product that is structurally efficient for use in roof and floor systems. Despite the fact that it is a structural component, its uniform quality, particularly with the use of properly defined shop coatings and field coatings, can give an attractive appearance.

The Roof Decking Sheets framework is exceptionally reinforced by Roof Structure. As they have a reliable and strong base, the sheets will accomplish successful spanning of the many flat, pitched, or arched roofs. An acceptable combination of roofing and roof decking sheets will dramatically improve the durability and strength of the roof. Open web steel joists, structural steel, or light gauge framing are usually attached to roof deck Install Roof Decking Sheet and Decking Sheet in Ahmadabad, Gujarat, India through Kamnath Group.

Thickness : 0.80, 1.0 and 1.25 mm
Coating mass : 120 GSM

  • Mann Party Plot

    Size: 26m x 30m (approx. 800 sq. meter)

    Project By: Mann infra

  • Maahi Party Plot

    Size: 25m x 15m (approx. 400 sq. meter)

    Project By: Mann infra