CNC Cutting

Computer Numerical Control Machines (CNC) are suitable for complicated and specialized processes and use computer systems and software programmes. CNC Cutting is a service that is highly demanded in Ahmedabad ,Vadodara, Surat With high precision and skill, the unit can cut numerous materials such as steel, aluminum and wood. For manufacturing companies with variable operations, CNC plasma cutting machines have become a valuable choice. This process is ideal for a wide variety of materials, including metal, plastic, wood, gemstone, glass, and paper, and without the need for custom-designed tooling, it can manufacture reliable, detailed, and complex components. At Kamnath, we provide class A CNC Cutting in UAE, as well as dedicated services of CNC Cutting in India, East Africa & South Africa and UK. Our workplace has CNC machines for cutting SS (Stainless Steel) and MS (Mild Steel) sheets from 1-25 mm on plasma, 25 to 100 mm sheets on oxy-fuel having a maximum sheet size of 2.5m x 12m.Apart from being a leader in High Quality CNC Cutting Services in India, we also provide customized and timely CNC cutting Services in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat,Gujarat, India, Kenya, South Africa, UK, UAE

  • Kristar Hotel

    Banquet Hall Design

    Size: 8000 X 1500-8nos

    Year of completion: 2020-21

  • YMCA

    Side Wall

    Size: 2500 X 1200-10nos | 10000 X 5000-1nos

    Year of completion: 2019-20

  • Novotel Hotel

    Swimming Pool & Garden Side Wall

    Size: 6000 X 1500-10 nos

    Year of completion: 2017-18

  • Poojan Decorators

    Site Name: Shankoo Water park

    Size: 16ft x 120ft (approx. 2,000 sq. feet)

    Year of completion: 2017-18

  • AMW Motors ltd